Life Alert

Simplify Care Delivery
  • One-touch operation provides fast, easy connection to emergency response associates who can deploy medical support or a user-designated first responder, as required.
  • Two-way communication with user devices enables a them to talk to the operator regardless of whether they are able to hold down the panic button.
  • Improve care plan oversight by providing an earlier, simplified view of user events and other changes to their health status via the LifeStream Management Suite.
Provide a Differentiated Offering
  • Innovative, advanced technology – Integrated cellular/GPS technology promotes user safety by providing visibility to user location on a map.
  • Care Provider Portal simplifies user setup and provides access to cellular/GPS location services capable of locating a user within several feet.
  • Create additional revenue streams over users’ tenure by offering ancillary services and leveraging mobility to reach a more active population.
Improve quality of care
  • LifeStream MobileHelp Solution can be used regardless of the communications technology available in the home.
  • Simple, accurate, reliable method using best available technology to locate your user and send assistance as needed.
  • Promote mobility by allowing users to take their emergency monitoring service wherever they go.
  • Enhanced Security – From doctor’s visits to getting the mail, or taking a walk – users can securely leave the confines of their homes, while homebound users at risk of falls can move with confidence in their homes.
Improve care coordination
  • Improve user oversight – Integration with LifeStream provides visibility to a wider range of user activities to improve care.
  • Increase user loyalty – Create relationships earlier in the care continuum to extend the time users can be proactively monitored thereby building loyalty with care manager/agency.
  • Increase satisfaction and retention to reduce the need for new referrals by creating relationships with users prior to an acute event.
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